Rwanda: cultural elements moving foward.

Virunga Mountains Gahinga (left) and Muhabura (right)

Virunga Mountains. Gahinga (left) and Muhabura (right)

As beautiful as Rwanda may be today the rememberance of it’s time is not an event to turn it’s back on. Resentment has been on it’s soil whom it’s citizens can say 20 years have been a mark that is traced in it’s history. Where leaders would stand at the stakes of their mountains to reshape the future it seeks to unite today.

Photo of the Day: Jomo Kenyatta!

Photo of the Day: Jomo Kenyatta!

Picture of Jomo Kenyatta (far right), Kenya’s first president in a ceremony.

A Cry for Democracy; In search for a Leader through Calamity.

Central African Republic

While Seleka gains control over the capital of Bangui, the Central African Republic is in urgent need of sustenance. After months where over 173,000 people have become internally displaced the mass of refugees have risen to 37,000 since the start of rebellion in December. The United Nations announced that the people have searched for refuge North of the Democratic Republic of Congo, others to Chad and Cameroon.

As the controversial elected official and ex General François Bozizé failed to come to agreement after the peace deal collapsed, the country urgently needs composure while the President has fled after the summit. The Central African Republic is steadily losing support after South African President Jacob Zuma decided to withdraw his troops after 13 South African Peacemakers were killed trying to gain the battle for the Capital, Bangui.

Throughout all the calamty for the fight for rights the rebel leader of Salaka and self proclaimed president Michel Djotodia claims control of the transitional government and has appointed Nicolas Tiangayaye as Prime Minister.

While the interim leader eyes a path to democracy in the near future, we hope that it is not a repeat cycle of the coup that took place a decade ago. As of Right now the Central African Republic needs urgent feed as food is scarce and African leaders refuse to accept Djotodia’s role as self proclaimed leader.



Peaceful Election in Kenya Overshadowing Post Election Violence in 2008!


Following the 2008 election violence, Kenya has revived itself with a peaceful but historic one. Read more up on the Kenya’s 2013 election, click here.

Featured post: Verone Mankou.

A few weeks ago we heard of Verone Mankou, a Congolese entrepreneur who has been working on a project for Africa’s first computer tablet.

“I want to give all African households access to technology, and develop a new tablet for education priced at about US$100,” Mankou previously said accordingly.

We were impressed by this, and even though this is a long way in creating economic sustainability for many Africans, this is a small road to success. Well if you haven’t heard about the project yet, check this out:

Happy New Years Everybody!

Happy New Year!

The team at Tears of Africa, would like to wish a happy new year to you all. Tears of Africa will be engaging in new projects for 2013 with new partners, which will be announce later on this year. We hope all of you -our supporters and community- have a prosperous new year.


Photo of the Day: Nelson Mandela!

Photo of the Day: Nelson Mandela!

Photo of the Day: Nelson Mandela! A great leader, and fighter for human rights.

Remembering the Mau Mua!

Here at Tears of Africa, one of our core competencies focuses on human rights. Today we


choose to make a post, remembering the freedom fighters against British colonization in Kenya. In the fight for freedom, the Mau Mau was a movement for Kenyan independence, where the fight wasn’t easy! We remember the Mau Mau, and there important place in African and global contemporary history. If you would like to read up more on the Mau Mau, click here

Young Inventor Uses His Creativity To Empower His Community.

Here is something that is inspiring to us, and what we feel can change the face of poverty in Africa. Meet Kelvin Doe aka Dj Focus, a fifteen year old inventor who empowers his community through the voice of radio. Amazingly, he has created radio transmitters from discarded electronics and scraps-to make his own radio show! If you have a chance, you should check this out!


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